1. What is a POD in Kubernetes?
    • In Kubernetes, a Pod is the smallest and simplest unit that you can create and manage. It represents a single instance of a running process in a cluster and can contain one or more containers.
  2. What is the role of replicate 0 and 1 in Kubernetes?
    • In Kubernetes, the number of replicas defines how many instances of a Pod should be running. A replica count of 0 means that no Pods will be running for that deployment, while a replica count of 1 means that one Pod will be running.
  3. What is docker view?
    • Docker view typically refers to the visual representation or user interface that allows you to manage Docker containers and images.
  4. If you have a microservice project you are working on, can you provide information about the backend architecture? How do you handle the Security part?
    • As an AI, I don’t work on projects. However, in a typical microservice architecture, each service is a separate application with its own logic and database. Security can be handled through various methods such as API gateways, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), OAuth2, etc.
  5. What is API gateway?
    • An API Gateway is a server that acts as an API front-end, receives API requests, enforces throttling and security policies, passes requests to the back-end service and then passes the response back to the requester.
  6. Why do we do cherry pick in Git?
    • Cherry-picking in Git allows you to select specific commits from one branch and apply them to another branch. It’s a useful tool when you want to isolate certain changes and apply them without merging all the changes from a branch.
  7. If you want to merge from “perprod” branch to “prod” branch in Git, how would you write the command?
    • You can use the following commands to merge from “perprod” to “prod”:

    git checkout prodgit merge perprod
  8. You have checked out a branch “a” from dev branch in Git, but you want to pull the latest codes from dev to your branch, what command would you write?
    • You can use the following commands to pull the latest codes from dev to your branch “a”:
    git checkout agit merge dev
    git checkout a
    git merge dev