1. Simple java question: what is the difference between map and foreach.
    • map and foreach are both methods used with collections in Java. The map method is used to transform each element of the collection and returns a new collection with the transformed elements. foreach, on the other hand, is used to perform an action on each element of the collection but does not return a new collection.
  2. What is the difference between map and flatmap.
    • map and flatMap are both transformation operations. map transforms each element of a collection individually, while flatMap transforms each element of a collection and then flattens the result into a new collection.
  3. What is application context and what is it used for.
    • ApplicationContext is an interface in Spring Framework. It provides configuration for an application. This is read-only while the application is running, but can be reloaded if necessary and supported by the application.
  4. I can read data from application yml but have you heard of bootstrap yml, have you used it.
    • bootstrap.yml is used in Spring Cloud applications to provide configuration properties that need to be loaded before the rest of the application’s configuration. It’s often used for service discovery configuration and distributed configuration.
  5. There are 2 ram slots on the PC and they are full. If I remove one of the rams: What happens to the data in Redis and Kafka. ? What happens to the PC.
    • Redis stores data in memory (RAM), so if you remove one of the RAMs, it could affect the data stored in Redis. Kafka, on the other hand, stores data on disk, so removing RAM should not directly affect Kafka data. As for the PC, removing RAM will decrease the amount of memory available for processes to use, which could slow down the system or cause certain applications to fail if they require more memory than is available.