About Me

Hi, I’m Omer. I am a senior software developer, 33 years old. I’m interested in development since I was 11 and I have developed hundreds of projects with different languages and platforms.

I’ve developed many projects in different categories. For example, created a domain/hosting automation system for one of the biggest domain companies in Turkey. (Atakdomain.com)

And created e-commerce web sites both from scratch and with NopCommerce.

Also, I developed integration between banks and companies. For example, Tatilbudur.com is 3rd biggest travel company in Turkey. Our project has integrated all bank transactions between 62 bank accounts and Tatilbudur.com. All transactions from different customers are being matched and integrated according to their data on the transaction with different details. For example, tax number, IBAN, customer name and other information.

Also, developed a project for Migros. Migros is the biggest supermarket chain in Turkey.  I implemented e-invoice system for their online shopping affiliate system. (xFatura integration)

Also created a CRM software for 2 years, it has many modules and provides to boss and teams to manage their works from web based application.

It has support, event and calendar management, workflow, staff, tasks, files, purchases, sales, clients, products/services, inventory management, and also a meeting application. After coronavirus period, we implemented an open source meeting software to our CRM. Project’s name is BigBlueButton and it is hosted in a linux server.

For the last 3 years, I have been working with Blazor projects. Currently I am developing an accounting software that I made it from scratch and used .Net Core 7 for backend and Blazor Webassembly for frontend.

I worked not just a fullstack developer but also fullstack IT man. I created both software projects and did research to decide which technologies to use and managed server infrastructure of companies.

You can take a look at some of my projects on my portfolio page.

mail [at] omerkaya [dot] dev