If the grep command didn’t return anything, it means that the string “Waspdigital.com” was not found in any of the access*.log files in the logs directories of your websites.

Here are a few things you can check:

  1. Case sensitivity: The grep command is case-sensitive. Make sure that the string you’re searching for matches the case of the text in the log files. If you’re unsure about the case, you can use the -i option with grep to make the search case-insensitive:
grep -ir "anotherdomain.com" */logs/access*log
  1. Log rotation: Many systems are set up to rotate log files, meaning that older entries are moved to different files (like access_log.1access_log.2, etc.) and eventually deleted. If the requests you’re looking for happened a while ago, they might not be in the current log file anymore.
  2. Correct string: Make sure that “Waspdigital.com” is the correct string to search for. If possible, manually inspect a few log files to confirm what the entries look like.
  3. Correct files: Make sure that the access*.log files are the correct files to search in. If you’re looking for errors, for example, they might be in the error log files instead.

If you’ve checked all these things and still can’t find the entries you’re looking for, it’s possible that the requests were not logged or were logged in a different place than you’re expecting.