Qirat, which we developed as a solution to the difficulties experienced by authors in the book publishing process, is both a platform for authors to easily publish their books and a mobile application service for users that is different from classic e-book readers.

We had the opportunity to introduce the Qirat platform, which we developed with our Dubai-based investor, at Sharjah, one of the world’s largest book fairs in 2022. We were the first mobile application platform to participate in the Sharjah book fair other than printed books (and authors).

The application is basically based on preparing and launching a mobile application specific to each book very quickly. There are 4 different application projects within the platform.

1) Book app => The mobile app is customized for each book and offers readers a different user experience than both physical and traditional e-book readers.

2) RAY => It is a comment and chat application where readers registered to the platform can interact for all books.

3) eVitrin => It is an e-commerce application where all products such as signed books, souvenirs and promotional materials that authors put on sale within their own applications are listed.

4) Dafeen => It is a web panel and mobile application specially prepared for authors to create and manage book content.